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Responsive Web + Mobile App

WebPro is based in Malaysia and Singapore, we provides solution to the industry and company branding , Web development and Mobile App ranged from small to medium sized business.

Since we have a background in branding the websites for the industry and company, we primarily focus in the Start-Up Businesses to obtain latest professional website and Mobile App.

We also frequently work with the established companies that needs responsive website design and re-branding their present company website towards the latest version.

Build A Brand & Get On The Web and Mobile


It twinkles with an Idea


Great business ideas make great websites. If your passionate about a product or service that you offer, then this makes my job of turning that idea into an engaging website or brand very easy.

It is far more difficult to create an appealing brand or website if the ethos of a business is just to make money. People do not love money grabbers! They love positive traits that they can relate to.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP


Mobile Website


Towards the new ERA, transformation is essential in every field as it also applies to the technology development. Perhaps, owning a website that appears great on mobile devices with a responsive website is no longer optional in 2015.

Over the last few years the expansion of the mobile market in Malaysian & Singapore has led to the increase in mobile G4 network and increased WiFi access areas. This scenario indirectly causes me to create the responsive version for every websites.

I will be testing on a range of web browsers and devices so it is compatible in fixed frame including iPhones and iPads.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP


Why Choose WebPro?


We specialise in responsive web design and have even built a responsive web design framework. All of the sites that we design now include a responsive layout and we have altered many 'fixed width' websites to make them responsive.

All websites will also be tested on a large display, laptop, iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini to ensure that the responsive layouts work perectly on a wide range of devices and computer screens.